This could be the most important 2 days of your business life in 2017!

Looking at business models, ideas, and systems in a less emotional, more rational way is critical. Learning how to implement your leadership and monitor effective systems will put you on the road to success.

At the Art of Business Event, you will join with other salon owners and managers from across the country perfecting your leadership abilities and learning about systems for success.

“Art of Business is different than any other educational event. Every year I bring back 1 or 2 great ideas (with tools) that I focus on for the year. These techniques I still use and have helped grow my business and keep it successful.”

Kellie Galinski, La Mirage Salon - Lansdale, PA

“I have found that keeping up with the industry & where it’s headed is crucial. Art of Business has provided that to me & our managers year after year.”

Frank Gruber, Avante Salon & Spa - West Chester, PA

“My first Art of Business was a huge “AHA” moment for me. So many ideas my head was spinning. I made a list of my priorities, incorporated 3 of them quarterly.“

Tracey McHugh, Alluring Design - Murrysville, PA

Art of Business Event Speakers

Bryan Nunes

Bryan is co-founder of Blo, in Raleigh, N.C. offering an energetic, metropolitan experience to 27,000 guests annually. Bryan has received international recognition for branding, client service initiatives, technology innovation and his commitment to personal and professional development… Read more

Keri Davis-Duffy

President and Co-Owner, Gila Rut Salons, Inc. Keri, always on top of her game, remains future-focused and intent on paying it all forward to her team and peers. Her salons draw praise and national attention. Recognized for her business leadership skills, Keri is careful to also cultivate the creative ‘fashion side’ of her 80-member team… Read more

Laurence Hegarty

Reuzel co-founder and SVP of Education. His career started in England in the late 70’s. He was working in NYC when he met Horst of Aveda and became his protégé. When Aveda was acquired by Estee Lauder, Laurence moved to Chicago and with his friend, David Raccuglia opened the first Art + Science Salon… Read more

Andrew Dale

Unite Andrew Dale, Founder and CEO of UNITE, began as an apprentice with Vidal Sassoon at age 16. He became a stylist by 18 and was soon doing session work with Vidal by age 20. Soon after, he relocated to the U.S. and worked in New York and Beverly Hills teaching on the Sassoon Artistic Team… Read more

Dave Sanderson

Dave was the last passenger off US Air Flight 1549, which crashed into the Hudson River. He was instrumental in helping to save passenger’s lives. His dynamic and engaging style has placed him amongst some of the most sought after speakers… Read more


2017 Art of Business Honoree

Douglas A. Cox

Doug is a 21st century dreamcatcher, business leader and an international motivational speaker and communications consultant. For over a quarter of a century, his words and ideas have produced results and created positive changes for salons and stylist alike. Doug’s unique leadership is renowned in beauty! By sharing the secrets of shepherding time, space, money and people, salons have been able to increase sales and profitability.

In the early 70’s, Doug and stage partner John Smith lit up the hearts and minds of salon owners via the Redken inspired “Challenges of Success”… first ever “business seminar”. Doug is a mentor to many of the industry’s greatest stars. No one individual has inspired our profession as he has. Passionate, funny, bright, fresh, and entertaining, are a just few words his audience have used to describe his presentations. His newest book, “SH-Boom, the power of positive aging,” is wonderfully reviewed.

“Doug’s understanding of the human spirit is unrivaled; his ability to unleash its awesome power is legendary!” – Neil Ducoff, Strategies Magazine

Philadelphia Airport Marriott Hotel

Sunday & Monday April 2 & 3, 2017

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