Bryan Nunes

Bryan is co-founder of Blo, in Raleigh, N.C. offering an energetic, metropolitan experience to 27,000 guests annually. Bryan has received international recognition for branding, client service initiatives, technology innovation and his commitment to personal and professional development. Bryan began Blo in a humble setting, in a 150 sq. ft. design studio generating 90K in annual revenue. Today, Blo has grown into a 4,300 sq. ft. salon that will eclipse 2.5 million in 2016. His message in unique style fosters an intimate and transparent learning experience.

Among his accomplishments are:
2012–2016: Salon Today STAMP Winner (Best Marketing)
2011: SALON TODAY Magazine, “Salon of the Year”
2006–2016: Salon Today Top 200

Class Description

Developing your own culture for growth
Bryan shares his success path showcasing how to get the most from staff and helping them and to develop each to their fullest potential by fostering freedom to be creative. Learn a system of “growing hairdressers faster than we lose them!” Lose your fear of raising prices by learning practical ways that simply remove fears of losing more than you will gain and get peace of mind you deserve!

Keri Davis-Duffy

President and Co-Owner, Gila Rut Salons, Inc. Keri, always on top of her game, remains future-focused and intent on paying it all forward to her team and peers. Her salons draw praise and national attention. Recognized for her business leadership skills, Keri is careful to also cultivate the creative ‘fashion side’ of her 80-member team. “My commitment is to get people excited-and to help them see things they never thought were possible.” Her salon Gila Rut has been named six times as one of the fastest growing salons in America and awarded the prestigious ‘Master of Business Award’ 2012 at NAHA.

Class Description

Business Growth and Sustainability
Things change, businesses change and people’s expectations change…Great leaders have the ability to not only try to predict the change, but have the flexibility to change and grow with the times.

Highlighted areas of passion are:
• Recruitment-how to get great staff through your social presence
• Sustainability through a strong in-salon training program
• How to Become the mentor your team is proud to work for

Laurence Hegarty

Reuzel co-founder and SVP of Education His career started in England in the late 70’s. He was working in NYC when he met Horst of Aveda and became his protégé. When Aveda was acquired by Estee Lauder, Laurence moved to Chicago and with his friend, David Raccuglia opened the first Art + Science Salon. Over the next twenty years the duo would open more salons, eventually employing eighty professionals. The duo would also launch American Crew for MEN. Literally reinventing the men’s category in the beauty business. Laurence is now devoted to Reuzel overseeing education worldwide and sharing his passion for growing “the business of men” with salon professionals.

Class Description

The business of “MEN” in beauty & ways to grow your client base?
Laurence dispels many preconceived notions about men. Learn ways to make your salon more attractive to men, create additional services for men and how to grow male clientele. Male services and product purchases are expected to rise significantly in the next few years (while female purchases are expected to be flat) this information could not be more timely!

Andrew Dale

Unite Andrew Dale, Founder and CEO of UNITE, began as an apprentice with Vidal Sassoon at age 16. He became a stylist by 18 and was soon doing session work with Vidal by age 20. Soon after, he relocated to the U.S. and worked in New York and Beverly Hills teaching on the Sassoon Artistic Team. Dale continued on to open his own five salons in Los Angeles and San Diego. After taking a short time away from the educational arena, Dale created UNITE “Uniting hairdressers together to make the industry a better place.”

Class Description

Branding your Business
Think different; it’s really all about branding now! The new thinking…concept is “you no longer own a business;”…“you own a brand!” Learn how to look more at “branding” over just “the business.” You see brands can survive, businesses can fail.

Dave Sanderson

Dave was the last passenger off US Air Flight 1549, which crashed into the Hudson River. He was instrumental in helping to save passenger’s lives. His dynamic and engaging style has placed him amongst some of the most sought after speakers. Former Tony Robbins’ security director Dave applies resources he learned to not only survive a life-threatening plane crash but thrive, speak and teach those strategies to some of the top business leaders. Dave Sanderson receives high audience ranking wherever he goes! He will be sharing his message of purpose from his new book.

Class Description

Moments Matter…one defining moment can create a lifetime of purpose
When Flight 1549, ditched into the Hudson, Dave knew he was exactly where he was supposed to be. The last passenger off the back of the plane he was largely responsible for the well-being and safety of others, risking his own life in frigid water. In this stirring presentation, he shares the story of Flight 1549, revealing when faced with a potential challenge, one thing is consistent. THE MOMENTS OF TRAINING AND PREPAREDNESS DO MATTER. Those who have the humility to prepare will have the confidence to execute in the critical moment.